Resources for Social Witness & Justice Advocacy

These resources are available as free downloads to support your efforts for justice. If you would like to support the work of DC4PW in distributing these and other resources to congregations, to faith-based group, and at events and gatherings, please click HERE.

United States


A Series of Devotions on Women and Children, Hunger and Poverty, Creation Care, and Immigration


environmental justice with indigenous peoples

This resource will help equip Christian communities explore the impact the Doctrine of Discovery has had on the United States, the Church, our relationship with God's creation, and one another.

justice AdvocAcy: A resource for churches

This book strives to inspire local church efforts to advocate for justice. Together we discern the possible actions we can take individually and together in service of justice

living as spirit blessed communities

Encountering immigration issues through devotions. In seven sessions, you are invited to read selected scripture passages, and then to read an accompanying short devotional thought.

justice primer

Each of the four reflections in this booklet highlights a facet of what it means to be a disciple, a follower of the living Christ. Study questions appear in the back of the booklet.


who's behind the platter?

Farm workers make our meals possible, and without them foodfilled holidays like Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same. But at what cost to them?


the advent of justice

Produced by Citizens for Public Justice, this book of reflections has four friends coming together to lead us more deeply into Advent as a time of profound hope for the coming of God's good kingdom of shalom while also a time of lament and anguish in the face of injustice.


living ecological justice

Produced by Citizens for Public Justice, this is a faith-based learning tool for Canadian Christians trying to live out the justice mandate to care and advocate for creation. 

indigenous wisdom: living in harmony with mother earth

This new KAIROS publication explores how the ancestral wisdom of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas can guide us as we face unprecedented challenges from climate change and related ecological crises.


re-energize: time for a carbon sabbath

A variety of materials for inspiration, from worship to workshops to a 100 Mile Church picnic, to deepen your understanding on the climate crisis and help you practice a lower-carbon lifestyle.

cpj's advocacy toolkit

CPJ’s Advocacy Toolkit is designed to help you influence the legislative process. This guide provides tools for people with various levels of ability, with useful information about different methods of advocacy, when to use each, and how to voice concerns most effectively.


living justice: a gospel response to poverty

This is a resource for people interested in learning more about the situation of poverty in Canada, exploring the Christian call to respond, and searching for ways to engage and create change.