Become a CongregationAL PARTNER and Let's Share in Each Other's Ministry!

Partnership Specifics:

Responsibilities of the Congregation:

  • Recognize and claim the Disciples Center for Public Witness (DC4PW) as a ministry of the congregation.

  • Put a link to DC4PW from the congregation’s web site.

  • Like DC4PW on Facebook and become a follower of DC4PW on Twitter.

  • Distribute information (news and alerts) distributed by DC4PW.

    • Bulletins

    • Newsletters

    • Social media

  • Support DC4PW financially (e.g., put DC4PW in the congregation’s budget).

  • Invite DC4PW staff to visit the congregation at least once a year.

    • Meeting with congregation's leadership and potential donors.

    • Participation in worship (i.e., sermon, Scripture reading, mission moment, etc.)

    • Presentation to congregation or some group within the congregation.

      • General introduction to the ministry of DC4PW.

      • Faith and Politics: What churches can and cannot do in an election year.

      • An issue or issues-area on which DC4PW is working.

      • An issue or issues-area of special concern to the congregation.


Responsibilities of the Center (DC4PW):

  • Recognize and claim the congregation as a congregational partner.

  • Put a link to the congregation on the DC4PW web site.

  • Like the congregation on Facebook and follow the congregation on Twitter.

  • Put justice-oriented information from the congregation in our weekly enewsletter.

  • Help the congregation find other speakers, panelists, etc. for justice-focused congregational events.

  • Give priority to the partnering congregation re speakers, forum panelists, etc.

  • Staff or board member will visit the congregation upon invitation, preferably at least once a year.